aSk LiL' gAmZeE

tHaNkS fOr ThE 1000+ fOlLoWeRs bRoS! :o)

Gamzee Makara! You are 4 sweeps old, you should not be using such language!

bUt Im JuSt SaYiNg MoThErHuGgEr NoT tHe OtHeR oNe :o(

How do you like your lemons?


Um...Hi!!! (comes a little close to you, but not to much)

hElLo ThErE! :o)

hApPy HuMaN hAlLoWeEn BrOs :o)

:33 < Hey Gamz! I think your purrretty cool!

tHaNkS nEpeTa! :o)